Solutions for Individuals



The 5-Theme Model Change Management Certification Program is based on the organizational change management guide, BRIDGING THE GAP: between strategy development & strategy execution, written by Dr. Ali ElKattan. We’ve 5 certifications for change management can be taken online, in-person, or asynchronous.

Class 2018 NU-BS


We offer change management trainings with different learning pieces, which will help you understand & get the needed knowledge for you change management track.

Solutions for Organizations



Based on the current context, strategy, and resources, we can design a customized training programs that fit the needs of the organization and will be the critical enablers for achieving the organizational strategic objectives.

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Our consultation services cover different business areas including: Change Management, Culture Management, Strategic Management, Communication Management, focusing on improving the business practices of the executives and senior management.

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Our training and/or consultation engagements could be accompanied by follow-up coaching sessions during the implementation phase.

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